Have you ever wondered……How can I do business in this beautiful Longville Lakes Area? Wake up every morning up here, live among the lakes and woods, work where you vacation. The Longville lakes area is a richer, more vibrant community than you might imagine.

• Consider these demographics:fishing-boat-sunset

•14 Townships full of lakes
•5,400 Year round population in 2005
•10,000+ Seasonal Population
•85{6ee18dfdb2a7b2ae7a2f5d74205871fe8eb4bd614bf3445cbe90c87171962789} High school grad +/or higher education
•Traditionally higher property values
•Commercial building sites with forest or lake views!
•A place where people want to live and love to be.

You are not the only one who ever thought there might be a better place to spend your working years. You can do business in the Longville Lakes Area and we would be happy to help.

Longville Lakes Area Workforce

The Longville Lakes Area has a unique blend of talent because of its attraction as a place people want to relocate. It has been documented during the past several years that “baby boomers” are relocating to the area in large numbers. They are building year-round homes and are able to use their talents, skills and experience to improve and add value to the Longville lakes area. This is evidenced by an exceptionally high level of volunteerism.

Many of these individuals would be interested in part-time or full-time positions. Others come here to start — or continue — their own businesses. Their experiences are many and varied, as most of them have had successful careers — and they are not done — they are just working on their own terms now.

Longville is also attractive to younger families who vacation here and would love to live here if they had work. This group includes just about everyone who has spent time in the area. These folks naturally represent a broad spectrum of skills, from technology to the trades. And then there are the young people who have grown up here and who do not want to leave. They are moldable, natural talent that could continue their training in the technical, 2- or 4-year educational institutions surrounding our area.