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Fishing is a favorite activity here year-round. We invite you to come celebrate the state’s biggest holiday — Minnesota’s Walleye Fishing Opener in May — to create some “fish stories” of your own. But remember, you can experience our incredible fishing all year long.

Catch a glimpse of a stringer of fish with smiles attached to the ends and you can feel the legends grow. Come….and you’ll create your own memories on our lakes.

Each of our resorts can provide you with equipment you need to get on the water and also let you in on a few fishing “secrets” to give you a better chance of success. Whether you are looking for an excuse to sit on the water and work on your tan, put a meal of fresh fish in the pan, or a trophy on the wall, our resorts are at your service.
For young and old alike, fishing is just plain fun. It’s also relaxing, entertaining, challenging, sometimes frustrating, and other times very exciting. That realization that you have a “big” fish on the other end of your line has gotten more than one heart pumping. Our “Up North” resorts are located on some of the finest fishing waters in the state. Crappies, bluegills, walleyes, large and smallmouth bass, northerns and muskies populate all of our lakes.