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About Us

Longville Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce! 

Welcome from the Longville Lakes Area

The Longville Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce is an organization of businesses and citizens who believe it is to their benefit to join together. The Chamber came into existence because the business people understood that they could work together to attract new customers and improve the quality of the community as a whole. The Chamber Board believes that all businesses will benefit when they come together as a united group.

The members of this Chamber come not only from the City of Longville but from nearly every neighboring township and community.

Our Mission

  • To improve the business climate in the Longville Lakes Area.
  • To increase the customer base of its members.
  • To improve the infrastructure of the Longville Lakes Area.
  • To attract sports persons, visitors, and vacationers from throughout the nation to the Longville Lakes Area.
  • To provide recreational activities for guests who visit the Longville Lakes Area and residents.
  • To provide services to the members

On an annual basis, The Longville Chamber of Commerce contributes thousands of dollars back into the community through donations from charitable gambling.  The Longville Chamber is proud to announce that for the calendar year of 2022, it donated monies totaling more than $50,000 to the following organizations/causes:

  • City of Longville

  • Longville Area Fire Department

  • Young-At-Heart Seniors (YAH) Club

  • Sherman A. Yochum VFW Post #772 & Auxiliary

  • Camp Olson YMCA

  •  Longville Lakes Arts Alliance

  • Longville Area Women of Today

  • Longville Lions Club

  • Northland Area Family Center

  • Northland Scholarship Fund

  • Longville Snowmobile Club

  • Wabedo-Little Boy-Rice-Cooper Lakes Association

  • Leech Lake Area Watershed Foundation

  • Immanuel Lutheran Church

  • St. Edwards Catholic Church

  • Longville Area Community Choir

  • Longville Ice Skating Committee

  • National Child Safety Council

  • Northern Youth Council

  • Luther Dell Bible Camp

  • Women Anglers of Minnesota

  • Northland School District (ISD #118 Various Activities and Organizations)

  • Wallker-Hackensack-Akeley School (ISD #113 Various Activites and Organizations)

NOTE:  This list is for calendar year 2021. The organizations donated to may include but are not limited to, those on the above list for any given year

Chamber Board & Staff


President: Trish Emerson – The Woodpile
Treasurer: Nancy Loren – Little Boy Resort & Campground

Board Of Directors

Erica Maske – Lazy Days
Greg Gilsrud – Frosty’s
Trish Emerson – The Woodpile
Jordan Sabey – Tradition Outdoors
Chris Johnson – Lifetime Painting/Staining
Dave DeLost – Pine Cone Press Citizen/Lakeland Promotions
Angie Sawyer – All Seasons Resort

Chamber Staff

Dawn Gilsrud – Chamber Secretary
Colette Anderson – Chamber Bookkeeper
Judy Blundell – Activities Coordinator
Jane Schlagel- Turtle Race Director
Jordan Sabey – Marketing & Public Relations Director
Dave DeLost – Gambling Manager
David Klosner – Pull Tab Auditor

Pull Tab Operators

Judy Blundell
Phyllis Eck
Jan Helmer
Rosalie Letson
Sharon Gilsrud
Stephanie Aaserude
Dave Klosner
Deb Kurz
Jim Meyer

Activities Committee

Judy Blundell – Chairperson & Liaison
Jane Schlagel - Activities Assistant
Stephanie Aaserude
Pat Boen
Tom Kutschied
Kathy Dollins
Lisa Garbe
Annie Gielarowski

Budget/Finance/Employee Review Committee

Greg Gilsrud – President
Nancy Loren – Treasurer
Greg Gilsrud – Board Member
Judy Blundell – Activity Director
Colette Anderson – Chamber Bookkeeper
Trish Emerson – Board Member

By-Laws Committee

Dave DeLost, Chairperson

Tourism/Advertising/Website Committee

Dave DeLost – Chairperson
Nancy Loren – Treasurer
Jordan Sabey – Marketing & Public Relations
Chris Johnson – Board Member

Membership/Brochure Committee

Nancy Loren – Treasurer
Jordan Sabey – Marketing & Public Relations
Stephanie Aaserude
Dawn Gilsrud – Chamber Secretary

Gambling Audit/Staff Review Committee

Tom Dollins – President
Dave Delost – Gambling Manager
Colette Anderson – Chamber Bookkeeper
Dawn Gilsrud – Chamber Secretary

Economic Development

Have you ever wondered……How can I do business in this beautiful Longville Lakes Area? Wake up every morning up here, live among the lakes and woods, work where you vacation. The Longville lakes area is a richer, more vibrant community than you might imagine.

Consider these demographics:

  • 14 Townships full of lakes
  • 5,400 Year round population in 2005
  • 10,000+ Seasonal Population
  • 85 High school grad +/or higher education
  • Traditionally higher property values
  • Commercial building sites with forest or lake views!
  • A place where people want to live and love to be.

You are not the only one who ever thought there might be a better place to spend your working years. You can do business in the Longville Lakes Area and we would be happy to help.

Longville Lakes Area Workforce

The Longville Lakes Area has a unique blend of talent because of its attraction as a place people want to relocate. It has been documented during the past several years that “baby boomers” are relocating to the area in large numbers. They are building year-round homes and are able to use their talents, skills and experience to improve and add value to the Longville lakes area. This is evidenced by an exceptionally high level of volunteerism.

Many of these individuals would be interested in part-time or full-time positions. Others come here to start — or continue — their own businesses. Their experiences are many and varied, as most of them have had successful careers — and they are not done — they are just working on their own terms now.

Longville is also attractive to younger families who vacation here and would love to live here if they had work. This group includes just about everyone who has spent time in the area. These folks naturally represent a broad spectrum of skills, from technology to the trades. And then there are the young people who have grown up here and who do not want to leave. They are moldable, natural talent that could continue their training in the technical, 2- or 4-year educational institutions surrounding our area.

Join The Chamber

Join the Fun! Join the Chamber!

The members of the Longville Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce extend an invitation to you to join and support the Chamber and the Longville community. The Longville Chamber has worked diligently over the years, promoting the Longville area as a fun place to visit and live. Our membership and dues are based on the following categories:

Executive Members are active lodging, retail or service businesses that have voting rights at our semi-annual meetings. Their business descriptions and listings are included in the annual Destination Guide and on the Chamber website. As an Executive Member, you can participate — and promote your business — in all Chamber activities and events.

Business Directory Members — This membership level is perfect for a home-based or part-time businesses that want to be listed in the Destination Guide and the new Business Directory.

Nonprofit Members do not have voting rights but have their organizations listed in the annual Destination Guide and on the website.

Individuals who live in the area and want to support the Chamber do not have voting rights but are listed in the annual Destination Guide and on the website.

Membership dues run from January through December. The Chamber will pro-rate membership dues, on a quarterly basis, for a NEW business/resort coming into the community.  Dues are payable in September for the following fiscal year.  The Longville Chamber Application Form allows you to view and print the forms you need to join and support the Chamber.

Advertise in the Longville Destination Guide — 10,000 copies printed annually and distributed throughout the year. 

Chamber Members

Executive Members:

Churches & Nonprofit Members

Individual Members

  • Brad & Jane Schlagel

  • Colette Anderson
  • Danita Poremba

  • Dave and Jenn Spartz
  • Dennis Zuelke
  • Ed & Paulette Schultz

  • Eric & Brenda Gilsrud

  • Jim & Mary Lindquist

  • Judy & Ron Blundell
  • Ken & Keigh Miller

  • Mike & Pat Boen

  • Pat & Toni Dysart

  • Phyllis Eck
  • Richard Honerbrink
  • Sharon Gilsrud
  • Stephanie Aaserude

  • Scott & Teresa Johnson

  • Tom Kutschied
  • Tom & Kathy Dollins

  • Joel & Amy Leger